By Dr. Debbie Engelmann

Because, if we choose to call “an issue” a challenge rather than “crisis”;
Because, we can look at hardship as an opportunity rather than an obstacle;
Because, we can ask, “what did I learn that makes me better?”;
Because, we can take a breath and do the difficult things;
Because, our courage does not depend on the weather,
the economic forecast or a whim;
Because, we choose to know the most significant
elements of life are laughter, learning, and giving our finest effort to each endeavor;
Because of these things, each morning is a pleasure and every day a success.

Dr. Engelmann says, “As a writer and natural intuitive healer, my purpose is to guide others on their path of finding peace within themselves through my writing and sometimes through my practice.  To help ‘wounded souls’ open their hearts and shine their unique light upon…

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Never Stop Learning

It is nice as a new fiction writer to see that a writer I admire also struggles on a project.

Filling the Well

I’m currently reading Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. This will probably strike some people as funny or ironic or something. I’m twenty-two published novels into my career, right?  My first novel was a breakout novel.  (In fact, Maass talks about the Kitty series in one of his other books on writing, The Fire in Fiction.) Surely I’ve got this covered, right?

The current thing I’m working on is different from anything I’ve ever written. I’m on a third draft and it’s not there yet.  So I’m hitting the books, getting back to basics. Trying to figure out what I’m missing, what I need to focus on.

And it’s humbling, because in this book Maass explicitly talks about how his audience isn’t necessarily new writers, but mid-career writers who’ve maybe hit a wall.

Um. Yeah.

The good news is I’ve got a couple of pages of notes now…

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