Welcome to Introvert World

If I thought the world was crazy in my last post “March in Colorado“, that was only the beginning. Almost a month later, the world seems to have gone “Bats**t Crazy” (as a local talk show host would say).I know everyone has their own story about how life has gone upside down and I could probably share mine.

Briefly, my University went from ‘We’re monitoring‘ to ‘We’re considering‘ to ‘We’ll going remote next week‘ to ‘We’re will not have classes anymore‘ within one week.

What that meant shifting exams to on-line, opening a location for turn-in of other papers, make a policy for the return of papers and exams for the midterms I just held and also transition four courses to remote learning (including how to record Powerpoint lectures). So the last few weeks have seen me writing everything BUT fiction.

Oh, so back to the theme.

With social distancing now the vogue, all I can say is Welcome to My World!

As an introvert who is also asocial which simply means I avoid interactions and prefer my own company over the company of others. I don’t go to meetings (until one boss wrote it into my contract), I am not a member of any organization and the only places I go to on a regular basis is Church and the gym.

In other words, I was social isolating before it was cool

As my wife noted when they announced the policy, “You’ve got this down already.”

So, if anyone wants hints on how to survive. e-mail me. Just don’t try and talk to me.

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