Where I’ve Been and Where am I Headed

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So, I realized that I haven’t written or posted anything here in posted anything in a while except for a review or announcements of my publishing.

I would add that I haven’t written anything worth publishing in a while either.

Which brings me to the point. As always, November and December are the busy time for those that teach at the collegiate level. Grading, writing exams and writing syllabuses for the next semester take up time and creative energy. There was also editing of stories that had been written and finally found a market (two of which will be coming out in the near future).

It was also a period when my ‘black dog’ came to visit for way to long. For those not familiar, the term was made famous by Churchill to describe his periods of depression. There has been some controversy whether he actually suffered from depression or the less intense dysthymia syndrome. This is a more persistent if not as intense version of depression. For me, that means I can get my work done, but have little to no energy especially for anything creative. Looking at what causes this, I can see that a series of physical injuries (back spasm, a slight shoulder dislocation) as well as a series of stories being rejected which made me doubt my ability to tell a story.

This is the first time that I have actually written about this in public or even admitted to anyone outside of myself.

What does that mean going forward? It means spending more energy and effort into taking care of myself. It also means reframing what happens in my life (thanks happiness lab for this insight). By the way, while I think I have not done well as a writer.

By the way, in terms of how I am doing as a writer –

  • According to Duotrope I have a 25% acceptance rate which is better than average.
  • I had a story “Kill your Darlings” featured on Spillwords.
  • I was spotlit as a writer.
  • I was actually paid for two different pieces (alright the total was $55, but it is a start).

So, all in all, not a bad year. The next year will build on this with the possibility of writing a novel as well as more short stories.

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