Review of “Cursed by Furies”

Cursed by Furies: A Tale of Vikings, Elves and Gods (The Cursed Elves Book 1)

Cursed by Furies: A Tale of Vikings, Elves and Gods by Diedra Drake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Drake’s world of Vikings, Elves and Gods is world-building at its finest. Even when I like the author, I get upset when their world does not hold to its logic. That is not true here. It all makes sense, and you find yourself saying to yourself, “Well, yeah, of course.” Without giving anything away, she beautifully blends threads that include –
1. Elves are warrior demi-gods;
2. Vampires are their creation and servants;
3. Greek Gods still exist and affect the world;
4. Vikings and banshees!

On top of that, you have great battle sequences and sex that results in great releases of energy. Is there anything else that you could want in a fantasy novel.

Okay, if that doesn’t get you, the plot twists are insane. Characters that your sure are traitors turn out to be allies and good guys. Traitors and villains come from the least expected quarters. My only criticism relates to this. I would have liked more long term villains, But I love a good conspiracy.

Now for the boring parts of every review. The characters are great and well developed. While their actions may are questionable, their explanations for what they did is in line with their nature (skirting plot points here). Dialogue is tight and reflects the way the character’s background. If they are a few hundred years old, they don’t approach the language as those turned more recently.

Bottom Line for a great fan of fantasy novels – This is another series that I will be following and have already tweeted the author about when the next book in the series will be released. If you like strong females, blood and sex (sometimes at the same time) then you need to buy and get hooked.

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One thought on “Review of “Cursed by Furies”

  1. Thank you so much for the review, Mike! I’m truly glad you liked the story, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the recurring villains that started in book 1 and continue through the future ones.


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