What is wrong with Hollywood?

Between helping my son move and the beginning of a new semester, I was looking forward to going to the movies this last weekend. . . . And there was nothing worth watching!

It seems as if Hollywood has lost all originality. Where once writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harlan Ellison and John Steinbeck, now it seems as if it is done by AI which has been fed a series of tropes or old scripts. My local megaplex was showing

  • Angel has Fallen – The third in a series of bad and predictable movies.
  • Good Boys – Eleven year-olds acting like frat boys.
  • Angry Birds Movie 2 – Really! A movie based on an app was bad enough. Now there is a sequel.
  • Ready or Not – which sounds like a new take on the basic slasher movie (that or a porn story)
  • The Lion King – is a CGI version that much different than a cartoon version? Just saying.
  • Fast and Furious (Sorry, I’ve lost count)
  • A live action Dora movie.
  • Blinded by the Light – great if you’re a Springsteen fan I guess

The only original film was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

All of this at a time when there are probably more books and stories being published than any previous period.

Come on Hollywood – Wake up and smell the newsprint. Here are some suggestions just from my Goodreads reading list.

  • If you want empowered women, who better than Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville. Bad ass werewolf that leads Denver’s pack and fight evil at the same time as being a great DJ (These are the only books that I’ve read that come with a playlist)
  • While we’re talking about Carrie, her new series – Bannerless – about a post-apocalyptic detective would also be great especially as she describes it as Midsomer Murders meets The Road.
  • Light romantic comedy – Just pick up any Kristin Painter book.
  • James Bell’s Mallory Caine is made for a treatment. I mean why have they not filmed the story of a zombie lawyer. There has been every other type of Zombie from housewife to pathologist.

Until then, I’m back on Britbox watching the entire Vera series and wait for Carnival Row to come out this weekend.

And that is this weeks rant!

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