Review of “A Shot of Murder”

A Shot of Murder (A Lucky Whiskey Mystery #1)

A Shot of Murder by J.A. Kazimer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A bit of disclosure, I picked this up at local B&N because I had read CUFFED by the same author and had the opportunity to meet and talk at a book fair. So, I was already looking forward to the publication and reading.

This book fits neatly in the class of Southern Cozy mystery that Charlaine Harris does so well. Think Stackhouse without the supernaturals or Aurora Teagarden running a distillery instead of being in a library. J.A. did her research since you get all the details of making fine whiskey. I am waiting for one of Boulder County’s distillery to look for a tie-in. There is also a real feel for the small town Souther living with lines like, “Saying Jack was a good patient was like ordering a bourbon and Diet Coke. It just wasn’t done. Not in polite circles.”

The bottom line for me – I will be monitoring this series and looking forward to the next set of mysteries (and that tie-in to a local distillery).

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