Review of “Blaze”

Blaze: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2019

Blaze: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2019 by Grant P. Hudson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, for full disclosure, I am one of the authors that have been included, so I am a bit prejudiced in terms of the volume.

Having said that, like many anthologies, some stories work better than others and I enjoyed some more than others. However, that is also the strength of anthologies. You can find a story that suits you. In the case of a volume of flash fiction, you can find a number that suits you. Since no story is longer than 1000 words, no story is a great investment.

That is not to say these are bad stories. If anything, it is harder to pack character and plot in smaller packages than in larger. If anything, these are more tightly written because they have to be. They are stripped to the bone and only the strong survive.

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