Review of “Counting Up, Counting Down”

Counting Up, Counting Down

Counting Up, Counting Down by Harry Turtledove

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not what you expect from a collection of stories by the master of alternative history.

Yes, there are some alternative histories, (“The Phantom Tolbukhin”), but there is so much more.
– “Deconstruction Gang” – A satire on modern academia which hits way too close to home for someone that has had to suffer from postmodernism as a graduate student.
– “Ils ne passeront pas” – This is a great description of life in the trenches and equal to many of the first person accounts that I have as part of my library.
– “Forty, Counting Down” and “Twenty-one, Counting Up” – The same story told from two sides. It forms a bookend for the volume.

Why not 5 stars? A few stories are set in the universe that Turtledove has built for another set of stories. Because I didn’t read the original, it took me a bit to get into the stories.

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