Review of “Getting Your Short Stories Published”

Getting Your Short Stories Published: A Guidebook

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are a lot of books out there on how to write a good story. But until now, there have been NO books that tell you what to do with it once you’ve written this. Thankfully, Steve Carr has given those who are just starting the benefit of his experience. Finally, there is a road map on getting published.

Here are a few examples.
1. It took me half a dozen submissions before an editor told me that there was a standard format (Shunn) that I was not following. Steve explains all that.
2. For the first time, someone has said what a cover letter should look like whether you have published or not because all I had found until now were query letters for books or nonfiction articles.
3. How to find submissions besides luck and possibly having a copy of the WRITER’S MARKET. He talks about the pluses and minuses of Duotrope and Submittable, but also adds some other free sites that I had never come across.
4. A simple method of tracking leads and submissions that don’t cost, and I have tried a bunch (including building my own databased in ACCESS).

Sprinkled in all of this encouragement and his examples of the difficulties of breaking into the market.

A quick read, but I suspect one that will have a place of honor at my desk between Pinker on THE SENSE OF STYLE and my copy of THE BLUE BOOK OF GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION.

I’d say I would name my firstborn after Steve, but he is already 26 and I suspect would not like to change his name.


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