Review of “Making Wood Jewelry: Southwest Style”

Making Wood Jewelry: Southwest Style

Making Wood Jewelry: Southwest Style by Thomas Freese

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As a woodworker, I always have bits of wood that are too small for a project, not suitable for turning, or too big to just throw out. Freese’s books gave me something to do with them.

Illustrated with examples and inspirations, the book doesn’t presume any degree of skill or access to lots of expensive equipment. Actually, it is the opposite. Freese openly says that anyone can be inspired to create beautiful objects. After inspiring, he gives technical information about mounting and finishing pieces. He even has a short chapter on how to market your work if that is what you desire.

Moderately priced (I bought mine at my local WOODCRAFTERS), it is a nice addition to any woodworker’s library or the start for anyone looking for an outlet for their creative energy.

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