Colorado nights are cold
And the Wyoming winds blows through my bones
But there is a Georgia moon in the Colorado sky
And she warms me with her smile

The ground is hard in the Rockies
As I make my bed in her stony soil
And I think of the grass of Georgia
Warm and soft beneath me.

I walk in the cold and bitter wind
And think of the warm arms that once held me
I live my life in the saddle
Tossed by the horse and trail

When my bones are weary and my muscles ache
I think of the Pawley hammock and you in my arms
My life has me here in the west,
Where life is hard and pleasures are few

But I long to be back in the southland
In her warm welcome ways
When my ride is finally over
And the mountain claim my bones
My heart will return to Dixie
To lay in your arms again.


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