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Thank you for visiting.

My first blog, “Shelter for Souls” started as a way to display photographs of my new home state of Colorado. However, over time, the story accompanying the photos took over. The site itself is no longer active, but the downloaded stories became the basis of a novel (that will be published when edited).
I also found that I enjoyed writing. I should probably say ‘I enjoyed writing fiction’. I had been writing policy studies, academic articles, and history as a policy analyst and academic. But creating my own characters and worlds was far enjoyable than all of that. And so, I started to write more fiction and poetry publishing it on Writing.Com where it was well received. With the publication of two of my stories “Home” and “Romancing the Writer” I believe ‘this is the start of a beautiful friendship.’
If you like what I write, please follow. If you don’t tell me what you don’t.

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